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The butterfly moments always give me the right reminder for the day! Every quote is coming from love and compassion.

- Arianne de Rond  on 111 Butterfly Moments

Audrey will mentor you as you scale the steep incline that lies before you. The climb to the top might be treacherous, but you will learn coping strategies and have guideposts on your way to healing.

- Sherrie Hickman (executive director, Threads of Life) on Scaling the Mountain of Grief

“Get Over It! is a compelling insightful volume that is eloquently written replete with her personal engaging life stories that bring personal wisdom and understanding to loss, pain and ultimate renewal.”

- Rabbi Earl A. Grollman on Get Over It!

Audrey is not only a mentor in her practice but also in her writings. This book is an invaluable resource for bereaved individuals, but also for their families, caregivers and associated professionals. You will be able to scale the mountain of grief with Audrey as your guide. I am living proof that scaling the tumultuous mountain will result in the gift of new hope at the pinnacle.

- Ruth M. Ellerker on Scaling the Mountain of Grief

Public Speaking

Audrey is an amazing speaker- dynamic, positive and a great sense of humor

- Ann B.

Audrey is a skillful and enthusiastic presenter and this is the first time I laughed in two years.

- Bill W.

Speaker is very positive, engages audience and came away feeling empowered and forever changed.

- Betty C.

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